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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  March 21, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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arguments on tuesday. the plaintiffs, a lesbian couple from berkeley, sat down today for one final conversation before the historic hearing begins. nbc bay area stephanie trong has their story. >> the fact that we ended up in the highest court wasn't the intention. it really wasn't expected. but here we are. >> reporter: chris and sandy have become the faces of the fight for same-sex marriage in california. the two berkeley moms who have raised four sons together, are confident going into tuesday's supreme court hearing, that will decide whether prop 8, california's voter approved ban on same-sex marriage, will be allowed to stand. >> the minority shouldn't have their rights be at the whim of the majority through voting. >> reporter: public opinion is on their side. the latest field poll found 61% of california voters surveyed support same-sex marriage. more than 130 elected officials have filed briefs in support of overturn prop 8. last week conservative ohio republican senator rob portman
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became the first senator on his side of the aisle to go on record supporting same-sex marriage. on the other hand, prop 8 supporters like the national organization for marriage say it's that public opinion shift that proves it should not be handled in court. over the phone, john eastman told nbc bay area, quote, we should leave prop 8 and doma in place and leave this to the political process. if people change their minds, we can implement through that mechanism. still, they're confident that both history and the law will be on their side. telling us today they feel a ruling is not only critical for same-sex couples looking for equal rights, but also for the next generation. >> they don't have to worry about being second-class citizens growing up. also today, a group of influential doctors endorsed same-sex marriage. the american academy of pediatrics said it's in the best interests of children offering children long-term security, rights and benefits.
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the doctors made the declaration after four years of analysis and research. the 20-year-old woman who said she was a rape victim last month at uc santa cruz has been officially charged with making a false report. she reported she was beaten and raped on campus in a mid afternoon attack. they stepped up police patrols, public meetings and an 11-day investigation. triplet had bruises on her body that day but investigators haven't discovered how she got them. two oakland city council members, they say, illegally interfered with the bidding process of a major construction contract. they accuse them of working with the turner group construction on a $2 million demolition project at the open army base. the vice president has close ties with brooks and reid. it ultimately locked out on the contract when the city administrator ordered a competitive bidding process.
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both council members are denying any wrongdoing. happening now, thousands of people have descended on san jose, the hp pavilion hosting the ncaa tournament bringing lots of excitement and money into the city. lauren scott is live outside the hp pavilion with all the hoopla. >> reporter: how are you doing. a complete college hoops feast here today. you think back to the last time that the tournament was here in san jose, was 2010. we saw great games. we saw butler, who went on to the national championship game. we saw murray state knocking out vanderbilt in the last seconds. today, fans from all around the country descending here upon san jose. take a look. the ncaa tournament celebrating 75 years of march madness. in three-quarters of a century of play, hp has hosted rounds of tournaments on five different occasions. cal and oregon with bay area fans. >> we're big basketball fans.
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i'm a cal alumni, too. so the two together is really cool. >> i drove down here with three of my buddies. woke up this morning, booked it down to san jose. >> reporter: and then there's the team from st. louis. the question that everyone wants to know, what is a billicka? >> i don't even know what it is, to be honest. >> reporter: it's actually an elf-like character made up by an art teacher in st. louis in the early 1900s, and originally sold as a charm doll. we all know golden bears are real and they've been in the ncaa tournament 18 times. and won one national championship in three final four appearances. that came in 1959. cal fans this time around aren't necessarily expecting a title, just a good showing. >> they're a good team. they deserve to be here. they fought real hard all year. and i think they could have a good chance to go up the ladder. >> reporter: all right. so here's what we do no. the billickans will take on the oregon ducks saturday.
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sad news on the road. last-second shot to try to beat memphis and it did not fall. but a fun season for the gaels, nonetheless. here, we still have syracuse and montana, and cal taking on unlv. that's the scene from the hp pavilion. >> lauren, thanks so much. march madness is also being felt in the office. literally slowing down how we do business. everybody checking their brackets all the time. coming up at 6:00, scott budman takes us inside the silicon valley company hoping to smooth things out. major road blocks thrown in the way of san jose's plans to bring the a's to the south base. the state controller said the city illegally obtained the land slated for the new ballpark. he filed a report today saying san jose's redevelopment agency inappropriately transferred $148 million in assets before it was dissolved in 2011. that includes seven parcels of
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land near the hp pavilion. that's where the a's are trying to build their new stadium. mayor chuck reed said he's disappointed, but will continue to work with the a's to bring them to san jose. still ahead at 5:00, her only comfort, gone. the crime that has one woman searching for her service dog. p come april 1st, women going in for a mammogram will see a major change. coming up, i'll talk to a bay area hospital that has already implemented the new law. i had no idea that it was just going to be this waterfall of p -- going beyond the classroom to help sexual assault victims. how one woman's dream is helping millions of women around the world. i'm jeff ranieri in the weather center. awesome afternoon. plenty of sunshine. the winds 15 to 30 miles per hour. the coastline has also helped to improve our air quality.
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i'll have the details on the warming weekend and how high the thermometer will go in a few minutes.
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president obama met with israeli and palestinian leaders. mr. obama says middle east peace with two independent states is still possible. though admits it will be extremely difficult to achieve. he met with palestinian authority president mahmoud abbas in the west bank, and again with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu in jerusalem. talks centered on how to jump-start the peace process. a bay area woman is asking for your help tonight. she said someone stole her service dog right after she dozed off. she was on b.a.r.t. when it happened. karen lanahan said they were riding home. the two were on b.a.r.t. riding between san francisco and san
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bruno when she said she fell asleep and believes someone walked away with archie and his carrier. archie helps lanahan with her anxiety. she spent today putting up posters and searching for her dog. if you have any information about this, you're urged to call the local spca. to the bay area proud series where we profile people who fill a need in the community. like feeding the hungry or finding homes for unwanted pets. >> tonight is a little different, about a need overlooked by many people. but not this woman. we bring in garvin thomas with her story. >> raj, her life turned on a single conversation. what it was about, we'll tell you in a moment. but who it was with, well, that's something lisa would like to know. it was at a women's conference, and lisa never got the woman's name, was never able to find her again. she thinks it was an angel. which is fitting, because that is just what some people might call lisa. our story begins where no one ever wants to end up.
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a sexual assault response team, or sart exam room, where victims of sexual assault go for medical treatment and evidence collection. a process that can last for hours. >> you're violated once, and then it's basically not very warm and fuzzy. >> reporter: the fact that lisa knows this, or anything about sart programs at all, is thanks to a random conversation at a woman's retreat three years ago. lisa was told that sart facilities were so poorly funded, that when clothing had to be collected for evidence -- >> you notice a lot of zeros. >> reporter: >> reporter: there was often sometimes nothing to replace it with and victims had to be sent home in hospital paper gowns. >> this is completely unacceptable. i had this compulsion to jump to my feet and do something about it instantly. >> reporter: it hasn't been an instant, but it's awfully close.
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>> my mission in life is to bring awareness to this. >> reporter: lisa, a widowed single mother of three was an undergraduate student in belmont. she decided to make her senior project providing sart programs with food for victims during their exams, and clothing and toiletries for after. lisa began by knocking on the door of the santa clara sart facility. >> i said, hi, i'm lisa. i'm a notre dame student. >> i have this school project and this is what i want to do. >> reporter: program manager linda richards says there have been other donations in the past, but never so consistent, never so well organized. >> i don't know what part of the universe brings this sort of thing together. but it worked for both of us. >> reporter: thanks to lisa, and her grateful garment project, santa clara sart now has a closet full of new, comfortable, warm clothes. and they are not the only ones. in just a little over two years,
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the grateful garment project has expanded to helping sart programs in 13 california counties. >> supporting a demographic region of about 10 million people in california, the grass roots organization that runs from my living room here. >> reporter: lisa is actually still in school, a graduate student. but every minute not in class is a minute spent on grateful garments. but she says she's reached the limit right now of what a single person can do, and only wishes she could do more. >> i get to see the people that have been there. and hear the stories of what it's like. and have had people tell me i wore that paper hospital gown. and what you're doing is amazing. >> i should be clear, we talked about the paper hospital gown. we went and visited the sart facility in santa clara, they said they've never had that situation. they've always had the
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resources, but lisa just gives them even more resources. they said she's in 13 counties. this is just two years old, and she has other counties and other states already knocking on her door saying, come help us. for the moment she's had to stay back and limit it, doing what i'm doing. but as soon as she can get more resources, she'd like to expand. >> her enthusiasm is contagious. >> it certainly is. i hope you went outside today because it was beautiful. let's check in with meteorologist jeff ranieri. >> three days of being shrouded in the clouds, temperatures right now in the 60s across the board. some of the warming is happening up to the north and also the east bay. that's where temperatures right now are about five to ten degrees warmer than this time yesterday. what helped to get us warmer? these drier northerly winds, also turning slightly offshore, 5 to 15 miles per hour. the wind was responsible for all of this awesome sunshine. but unfortunately it's also responsible for kicking around the palms. everything expected to be off
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the charts on that allergy forecast. may have to limit your outdoor exposure the next couple of days. speaking of outside, let's take you outside through the high definition sky camera. hills are green not from the rainfall in 2013, but from the strong storms in november and also december. now let's bring you off to the north, and oakland, we have some haze. that will be a problem throughout saturday and sunday with the air becoming stagnant. right into san francisco. a little blustery, winds 15 to 30. alcatraz in the center there. quite a few sailboats out there. right now, water temperatures in the low to mid-50s. let's get a look as we head throughout the morning hours. temperatures are going to drop the most up in the north bay. we'll find 39 in napa, a few areas of patchy fog. colder temperatures will condense out a little bit of moisture. 40 in livermore. 42 in san jose. 43 in los gatos. let's get you right into the friday forecast. temperatures are going to be warmer in the south bay.
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expecting 70 in san jose, 72 in morgan hill. a little cooler in santa cruz. but still might be some beach weather for you there with 69 degrees. in the east bay, yes, those numbers are going to go up back to the tri-valley. 68 in pleasanton. a little bit further away from the coast you go, temperatures are going to be warmer. low 70s in livermore. and also, 72 tucked away there in walnut creek. 67 in san francisco. cooler in pacifica with 64. 57 in bodega bay. napa at 71. on your three-day forecast, sunny, right through this weekend. temperatures in the low 70s for saturday and sunday. don't forget the spf, easy to get burned out there quickly. we'll stay mainly cool on the coastline with temperatures in the 60s. we have rain that will help to wash away the pollen. allergy sufferers, giving a huh
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r ray at the tv right now. maybe friday of next week, a stronger storm than we had at least for the past two storms. we're going to continue to monitor that. i'm ordering you to get outside. i heard from somebody, maybe you didn't get out too much today? >> my allergies were killing me. but it's so beautiful, i don't know what to do. i'm conflicted. >> we're getting her out there. there might be some big changes coming up. rentals for biking and horseback riding might be a thing of the past. the park service is proposing a ban on these rentals for the popular activities, also on the chopping block the ice rink at currie village, and the swimming pool at the yosemite lodge. still to come at 5:00, new expectations, and new information. why women getting a mammogram will soon be required to get more information about their cancer risk.
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in less than two weeks, women getting a routine mammogram will see a big difference in the information they get afterwards. marion was here to tell us about a new state law. >> it goes into effect april 1st. the new state law requires doctors to inform women whether they have dense breast tissue after they have a mammogram. the bill was offered after a cancer survivor complained she was never informed she had dense breasts, or about the additional cancer risk she faced. heidi garland of san jose exercised regularly, ate organically and had no family history of breast cancer, so she was shocked when she was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in 2008. >> the invasive breast cancer was not picked up by the mom oh gram. >> reporter: doctors say that may be because she has dense breasts. radiologists say in mammograms
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it's more difficult for them to spot tumors in dense tissue. >> patients who have high breast tissue density have been known to be at four to six times higher risk of having breast cancer independent of the fact that mammograms are difficult to read. >> reporter: most women don't know they have dense breasts. that's about to change. starting april 1st, in california, a new law requires doctors doing mammogram screening to inform their patients whether they have dense breasts. at el camino hospital, the chief of radiology calls the new law a milestone. they decided to implement the law in september, giving patients with dense breasts this new letter informing them about their additional risks. doctors say for women with dense breasts, a breast ultrasound after a mammogram and in some cases an mri may be a more effective screening option. heidi is convinced the additional screening saved her life. >> i am ecstatically happy with this new law.
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because there are women who, like me, a lot of women who have dense breasts. >> some women expressed concern, notifying patients they have dense breasts may unnecessarily alarm them. but doctors argue that the information can also help women be aware of their additional cancer risk and motivate them to be more proactive about regular screenings. nbc bay area news. information is power. back in a moment. stay with us.
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it's quite an anniversary. 50 years ago today, they shut down the rock. coming up on the 6:00 news, we'll talk with a former prison guard at alcatraz. that will do it for us. "nightly news" is next. launch sequence initiated.
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two large sides and 4 biscuits all for just $15.99. [ man mission accomplished. on our broadcast tonight a national outrage. that's the charge from veterans groups after being asked to
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sacrifice so much for their country. many are now coming home to wait years for the benefits they were promised. is there a break in the case? a high-speed chase and a shoot-out with police following a high-profile assassination in colorado. going to extremes. no relief sight for half the country suffering through a devastating drought. plus, a warning tonight about the next threat coming. and hidden money. a lot of american families don't even know it's waiting for them. upwards of a billion dollars unclaimed. tonight how to find it. "nightly news" begins now. good evening. this nation has launched and fought two wars over the past decade, and we've done it with an all-volunteer military. that means we've relied on millions of people to raise their hands and volunteer to serve.
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thousands haven't come home. but for the millions who have, who served with distinction, their country is supposed to then live up to its side of the bargain and provide benefits as a condition of their service. for a number of reasons recently the backlog has become intolerable. it's been labelled a national disgrace. almost a million vets are waiting for claims. the average wait just 100 days shy of a year. it's where we begin tonight with what's happening, what's being done about it. our pentagon correspondent jim miklaszewski on duty from there tonight. jim, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. those numbers are staggering. it's estimated that by the end of next month, more than a million veterans will have filed new claims for disability benefits with the veterans affairs, and they'll all have to wait in line. john served 16 years in the military and two tours in iraq before he was medically discharged for injuries sustained in the war.


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